Who is KEA?

KEA FAIR PLAY CODE HELLAS  was founded in 2014 according to the Hellenic association law as a non-profit association and uses the brand name “KEA ” acronym in its daily tasks.

The aim of the KEA is to act as an independent greek sport integrity and transparency platform and to achieve and guarantee clean  transparent and integrity sport events and competitions together with its sport stakeholders, member network, the athletes, trainers and the club and association managers in Greece

The KEA platform covers three pillars that are essential for the fight against corruption namely:

  • Prevention (training, education and awareness-raising)

In this area, individually designed training programs for athletes, referees, club and association officials and young athletes are used. The main aim of the training is to raise awareness of the issues of sport irregularities corruption doping sexual harassment bulling match manipulation and betting fraud in personal  face to face awareness raising conversations with the athletes and to show possible and correct behaviors in such situations. Videos, case studies and the clear demonstration of the consequences of “sport corruption” accompany these training courses. In addition, work is being carried out on a general awareness of the problem of sport corruption, so that not only those directly addressed players in sport, but also other groups of people with an affinity for sports and the general public are aware of the problem.

  • Monitoring (observation and analysis)

This means the observation and analysis of sport events, games and game results. Monitoring, when combined with investigative work under the national anti doping agency police and association law, is a very efficient protection for athletes with the declared aim of keeping the sport clean and free of doping irregularities manipulation where necessary by means of intervention or sanctions.

  • Sport whistleblowing platform
At the national level, KEA set up and established first a safe and secure whistleblowing platform and an ombudsman service as a point of contact for athletes, coaches, supervisors and other affected parties.