The specific objective of the SEE-I project are:


Objective 1

To improve the evidence base relating to football clubs’ integrity in the SEE countries through the voices of key actors in football (managers, coaches and players) during the first year of the project. (SEE-I STUDY/RESEARCH)


Objective 2

To establish a sustainable transnational network of integrity of football clubs expertise in Europe and in the SEE region, aiming to exchange good practices and experiences during the entire period of the project. (SEE-I EXPERT SEMINARS)


Objective 3

To develop a model for the education and training of key actors in a football club – managers, coaches and players for helping them in dealing with integrity problems during the entire period of the project. (SEE-I EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS)


Objective 4

To develop the skills of about 100 football managers, 100 coaches and 100 football players in the SEE countries during the second year of the project. (SEE-I TRAINING)


Objective 5

Develop an e-community for football managers, coaches and young players that will support spreading the availability of integrity services among athletes, coaches, staff, executives, sport federations and other stakeholders. This will increase the capacity of football clubs by better integrating the integrity perspective in their organisation. (SEE-I platform)


Objective 6

To improve the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice on the integrity of football clubs in Europe in general and SEE countries in particular by disseminating the projects results. (SEE-I DISSEMINATION OF RESULTS)